And so it begins…

After 3 plane rides and one long night spent trying to catch a few hours of sleep in the Anchorage airport, fisherman Joe has arrived in Naknek, AK. He is staying at the cannery, where there is still access to hot meals and showers, but preparations for launching the boat have commenced!
Joe says they are getting a lot done and he hopes to put the boat in the water today and head out to Graveyard Point with all of the gear tomorrow morning. The weather has been absolutely beautiful and he is predicting an early salmon run this year if the weather stays as warm as it has been.
Once they arrive in Graveyard Point, work will be hard and sleep will be scarce. There they will fix up the fishing shack, set up their makeshift kitchen, and [hopefully] add a shower this year! That is mostly for my benefit, as I will be arriving there in a couple of weeks!
That’s the update for now. đŸ™‚

Posted on June 13, 2013 in Blog Posts

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