How It Started…

It all began one pivotal day in 2004. Joe Echo-Hawk was 20 years old, living in LA playing in a slightly terrible rock and roll band that on this particular day had broken up. While sitting on a curb next to his motorcycle eating a $5 Hot-N-Ready, his phone rang. A friend from high school wanted him to come to Alaska and work on a fishing boat. It was an easy yes.
The summer was filled with adventure and salmon and by the end Joe had covered the expenses of plane tickets, fishing gear, licenses and food and come home with a few hundred dollars for his efforts. But the draw of a fishing way of life and all he’d begun to learn was at work. Next summer, he was back in Alaska, and every summer since.
After 5 years of working as a crewman for friends, Joe found a one-sentence ad on Craigslist advertising the sale of a small fishing operation. The lead turned out to be a great little set-up next door to the friends who’d originally brought him to Alaska to fish. Joe started fishing for himself in 2009, and when friends and family asked for some of that salmon harvest, Kwee-Jack Fish Co. got its start.
Fast-forward to today… Joe rarely eats Hot-N-Ready and has zero motorcycles, but has a wonderful wife and two young boys. Kwee-Jack grows through the efforts of friends and family who share their love for Alaska’s incredible harvests. We are lucky to have the greatest customer base we could ask for who thank us every time they pick up their salmon and halibut shares. It gives us so much satisfaction to offer a sustainable wild food that is truly healthy and nutritious.

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