Wild Alaskan Seafood Products

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil DHA, EPA Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement for People
Our natural salmon fish oil supplement is made with sustainably harvested wild salmon, caught in the pristine waters of Alaska. Our Wild Alaskan Salmon Fish Oil supplement provides a healthy source of omega-3 essential fatty acids EPA and DHA.  Key...
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Wild Alaskan Cod with zucchini noodles
Our premium wild Alaskan cod is direct from Kodiak cod fishermen. It is hand-cut and processed in Kodiak, AK and flown down to our freezer storage facility in Montana. Our wild Alaskan cod is: Sushi-grade Professionally fileted & flash frozen Individually...
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Wild Alaskan smoked salmon with cheese on crackers
Kwee-Jack offers two different kinds of smoked salmon, one that has been smoked with heat and also cold smoked style.  All of our smoked salmon is the wild Alaskan sockeye salmon caught by our small boats and sent off to an...
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Wild Alaskan halibut over risotto with leeks
Our premium wild Alaskan halibut is dock-direct from Kodiak halibut fishermen. Each portion is hand-cut and processed in Kodiak, AK before being flown down to Montana.  Our halibut is: Skinless Sushi grade Professionally fileted & flash frozen Individually vacuum-packaged Naturally boneless Each...
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Wild Alaskan sockeye salmon portions with rosemary, salt, garlic and peppers
Sushi-grade Professionally fileted & flash frozen Individually vacuum-packaged Boneless, skin-on-one side Each whole filet generally weighs 1-2lbs Each portioned filet generally weights 6-8oz Wild-caught by small boat fishermen in Bristol Bay, Alaska Sustainably harvested from the world's largest wild sockeye salmon...
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