How It Works

What is a Community Supported Fishery?

Our Community Supported Fishery (CSF) provides a fisherman-direct connection to sustainably harvested wild Alaskan salmon, halibut and cod. It starts with an annual pre-season online purchase of a share, which funds necessities like professional processing and frozen freight. While you gain access through the fisherman to high quality wild fish, you also give support to the fishery itself. Small-boat fishermen are invested for the long term in the vitality and sustainability of both the fish and the habitat in which they thrive, bringing the support of a CSF full circle.  While our pre-order model is our primary method, any seafood we have available as extra can be found on our direct shipping page throughout the year until we sell out.

1. Order Your Share Online

Direct Shipping: Delivered frozen to your door. Direct Shipping is a great option when a local CSF Pick Up event isn’t available in your area, or you missed out on the last local pick up option.

Local Pick Up: For pick up locations, our seafood shares are available seasonally rather than supplied year round, so for guaranteed availability at the best price, purchase online during the annual pre-order windows. In general think of this as an annual purchase of a year’s supply. 

2. We Go Fishing

Our annual wild Alaskan halibut and cod season occurs spring and summer, with the annual sockeye salmon run in Bristol Bay occuring mid-June to late-July. The hand-picked bounty is transferred quickly to larger vessels to chill en route to the professional processors who work nearby on the fishing grounds. 

3. Your Fish is Filleted & Packaged

The best of the harvest is hand selected for filets. Our seafood has bones removed prior to each filet being individually vacuum packaged. Rapid processing ensures just-caught flavor and freshness. Immediate and sustained deep freezing makes each filet sushi-grade, for raw consumption. 

We manage how your shares travel by plane or barge from Alaska to the Pacific NorthWest, before continuing onward. Specialized packaging and careful planning ensures frozen-freshness all the way to you, whether that be to your door, or to your local, seasonal CSF Pick Up Event.

4. Enjoy

We’ll provide thawing and cooking best practices and some recipes to get you started, though it takes very little to achieve delicious results. According to the USDA, our seafood is good for up to two years (when kept frozen), but it tends to disappear long before then!

Ready to order?