Wild Salmon Filet on cutting board with whole peppercorns and asparagus.

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

  • Sushi-grade
  • Professionally fileted & flash frozen
  • Individually vacuum-packaged
  • Boneless, skin-on-one side
  • Each whole filet generally weighs 1-2lbs
  • Each portioned filet generally weights 6-8oz

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Nutrition Details

Nutrient % Daily Value for 4oz (113.4g) Salmon

vitamin D 127.8%
vitamin B12 94.5%
tryptophan 93.7%
selenium 61.5%
protein 53.1%
omega 3’s 52.5%
vitamin B3 45.1%
phosphorus 36.5%
vitamin B6 32%
choline 19.2%
potassium 14%
calories (157) 8%

Salmon also provides important amounts of:

  • the antioxidant amino acid taurine
  • heart-healthy vitamin B12
  • anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids*
  • immune-supportive selenium
  • energy-producing phosphorus
  • muscle-building protein
  • heart-healthy niacin, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, and potassium
  • bone-building vitamin D**

*Sockeye salmon has the highest amount of omega 3 of any fish with approximately 2.7 grams per 100-gram portion. Therefore, just one serving of Alaska Salmon per week can help to lower cholesterol and the risk of heart disease.

**Salmon contains more than 100IU of vitamin D per ounce. Vitamin D has been shown to be a critical factor in preventing unwanted inflammation, in supporting cognitive function, and in lowering risk of several types of cancer, including breast, prostate, and colorectal cancer.