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Great Salmon Video
A great video of Lake Iliamna, which is the ultimate spawning point for salmon headed up the Kvichak River that we fish near.  If you want to see how sockeye salmon spawn and what the end of their life-cycle looks like, check out this video.
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2022 Record Sockeye Salmon Run in Bristol Bay, AK
Graveyard Point, Alaska 2022 – What a summer it was! Over 76 million sockeye salmon returned to Bristol Bay this summer and shattered the previous record set last year. Our crews were busy. Everyone in the fishing fleets and processing facilities ramped up for a large run … and the fish did not disappoint. We are proud of our crew – they put in some work! Processors ran out of cans, and even filled the freezer space on the barges. At a time when food shortage stories hit the news on a regular basis, it’s a privilege to be part of bringing back one of the healthiest and renewable proteins on the planet.
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