Wild Alaskan Salmon Fish Oil Supplement

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil DHA, EPA Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement for People

Our natural salmon fish oil supplement is made with sustainably harvested wild salmon, caught in the pristine waters of Alaska.

Our Wild Alaskan Salmon Fish Oil supplement provides a healthy source of omega-3 essential fatty acids EPA and DHA. 

Key benefits to our wild Alaskan salmon oil supplement:

  • EPA helps to maintain healthy levels of both cholesterol and triglycerides
  • DHA supports healthy brain, and eye function
  • 1000mg Capsules, 120 Capsules per bottle
  • Our fish oil is in its natural triglyceride form, as opposed to the Ethyl Esther form that is common in many other fish oils.  Triglyceride form is absorbed by the human body much more effectively than the Ethyl Esther form.
  • Molecular distillation process removes mercury and other PCBs and heavy metals leaving only the pure fish oil
  • Cold press extraction method is used which preserves nutrients & Omega 3 fats in their original triglyceride form
  • Simple ingredients: wild Alaskan salmon oil, gelatin (bovine derived), and vegetable glycerin.  The gelatin and vegetable glycerin are used to create the soft gel coating that keeps the salmon oil preserved. 
  • The softgel keeps the salmon oil fresh/preserved in a wide range of temperatures by serving as a barrier to air/oxygen.  Refrigeration is not required, however, storing our salmon oil in a cool, dry location is recommended. The softgel is convenient for preventing a fishy taste or the dreaded fishy burps common with liquid fish oils. 

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The human body does not naturally make omega-3 fatty acids needed to survive, which means we need to obtain these essential nutrients from the foods that we eat.  Most people are deficient in omega-3s as it requires eating foods, like wild seafood, regularly in your diet to obtain healthy levels of omega-3s.  

Fish oil supplements have a substantial amount of research supporting positive benefits including improved brain function, heart and cardiovascular health, eye health, and anti-inflammatory properties that help with joint stiffness and respiratory improvement.

The health benefits of fish oil are not equal across all fish species, and oils vary in quality and potency.  Starting with a healthy, wild fish such as Alaskan salmon is essential.  Additionally, our wild salmon oil undergoes a molecular distillation process prior to being put into a capsule form.  This process removes impurities and heavy metals, such as mercury, from the oil to help ensure that you are getting the purest fish oil supplement possible while maintaining all of the natural health benefits.

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