Pictures of the 2022 Summer Sockeye Harvest

Pictures of the 2022 Summer Sockeye Harvest
Foggy morning arriving to Graveyard, AK

Bonfire on beach in Graveyard, AK

Two Captains talking logistics at the beginning of 2022 season

Skiffs are hauled to the dock via forklift

Once skiffs are on the dock, they are lowered into the water via a crane

Leaving Naknek in the dark – heading to Graveyard Point fishing grounds

Night ride to Graveyard Point, AK

2022 arrival to Graveyard was a foggy one

2022 Graveyard Point arrival

Captain Joe checks his boat

Graveyard Point buildings slowly disappearing due to erosion

Beginning of the season lowering the skiffs into the water full of camp supplies.

Graveyard Point, Alaska

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