Enjoy Your Seafood At Its Best: 3 Tips to Avoid Freezer Burn

Enjoy Your Seafood At Its Best: 3 Tips to Avoid Freezer Burn

Vacuum-packaged wild Alaskan filets can have a frozen shelf-life of up to two years under the right conditions:

It's All About the Seal: HANDLING

The long, thin shape of a frozen filet is susceptible, with handling, to sliding inside the vacuum-package. Even when the package remains sealed (no puncture), filets that have moved or become "loose" inside the package will freezer burn. We inspect every filet and remove any that have signs of movement inside the sealed package.

TIP: Handle with care to avoid moving filets inside the seal

Avoid Freezer-Burn: INSPECTING

Since the fish is handled more on its way to and once in your freezer, it's important that you continue to inspect your filets throughout the year. When filets that have moved inside the vacuum-package are noticed sooner rather than later, they are still quite delicious. If overlooked, freezer-burn will eventually make these filets undesirable to eat.

TIP: Look through your fish often, selecting "loose" filets to enjoy first

Auto VS. Manual Defrost: CHOOSING A FREEZER

Auto-defrost freezers incorporate heating elements that melt frost from the freezer's interior. Storing fish in auto-defrost freezers can expose the filets to repeated partial thaw and refreeze, which can cause or worsen issues with the seal or freezer burn.

TIP: Store in manual defrost freezer (or center of auto-defrost freezer)