Denver, Colorado

Community Supported Fishery

Denver, CO and the Rocky Mountain Region

We make it easy to access premium wild caught Alaskan seafood in Colorado. We fish the waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska to provide the highest quality wild Alaskan salmon that can be found anywhere in the world.  Our fellow fishermen friends provide the wild Halibut and Cod from the waters surrounding Kodiak, AK.
While we don’t currently offer in-person pickup locations in Colorado, we can ship it to your front door.  No additional shipping charges apply to Colorado, and we ship out every Monday (excluding holidays).  No subscriptions required. See our shipping store below!
We do also partner with Ranch Foods Direct in Colorado Springs.  If you'd like to head in to their store and pick up our wild Alaskan salmon, they do carry it throughout most of the year.  Click here to check out Ranch Foods Direct website and get more info!